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Frequently Asked Questions

What if something negative pops up on my credit report after our intial consultation?

Any and all new informationr ecieved should be emailed to immediately to get the best results.

I'm really leaning toward filing for bankrupcy but I would like to know if credit repair would be a better solution?

Credit Repair is always the better solution than bankruptcy. That is why we offer a free consultation upon sign up!

How much will my score go up after signing up with credit revived?

As with any credit repair service we are unable to guarentee that your score will increase. However we here at Credit Revived can educate and assist you in moving towards a better score.

What if I just need inquiries removed?

We offer Inquiry removal service. Book the free consultation for more information.

I dont know where to start! I need to get a car & move within the next few months but i know my credit will not allow me to get the rates i'm looking for.

You should start with credit repair! As with any credit repair service we cannot guarentee that you will meet your deadline but we will work as efficient as we can to help you meet your goals.